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Seriously annoying unsuspecting surfers since 2001

July 31, 2001


I've experienced a minor epiphany today. I know why I have this blog, and this web site. It's because I like to complain, and I need people's attention so that they can listen to me complain. This is not a good thing, I think. So now I'm going to try to say positive things, instead of complaining incessantly to whoever would listen. But maybe later, because right now I can't think of anything good to write. I get paid in three days. Good enough.

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July 30, 2001

Last day, or so I thought

Last Saturday as I left the Y, I was so happy because I thought it was my last day working at the desk. Well, today at work William (the new exec) comes into the babysitting room and askes to talk to me. He said that they couldn't find anyone to work, even though I gave them 6 weeks notice that I was quitting the desk! Six freakin weeks, and they can't find anyone to work a couple hours for me. So, I caved in and told him that I could work next Saturday, but that's it. One more week and I'm done. If he asks me to work any more than that, I am just going to say no. I hate working the desk. People come in and yell at me when I've done nothing wrong. There have been times when I was so tempted to say something to a Y patron that would most definitely get me fired. Some people act as if I'm the one responsible for making decisions they don't like. I don't run the place, I just answer phones and register classes. $6 an hour is not worth it.

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I think I twisted my knee, or something like that. It hurts when I walk on it, or move around in general. This will make shelving at the library tomorrow a real treat. I'm starting to get tired of that place. I mean, you can only shelve the same books so many times before the job gets tedious. I hope my knee feels better by tomorrow.

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July 29, 2001

Art Museum!

Sarah, Lou and I went to the Cleveland Museum of Art today. I can't even remember the last time I was there. It is so cool to see art from thousands of years ago, just a few halls away from art made in the last decade. I love museums and galleries and all that. There were Riveras, Mondrians, Dalis, Rothkos... I could live there. The asian gallery was amazing. Afterward, we went to Tower City. And, lucky me, I got to tag along as Sarah and Lou hit all of my favorite stores, like J. Crew, Gap, and Abercrombie & Fitch. I tried not to look too bored, but my two preppy counterparts saw through the act. Why does Tower City not have a Hot Topic? Or at the very least, an Old Navy? I just don't wanna be stuck in an A&F; surrounded by posters of all-American white boys in football attire. Plus it always smells funny in there. I hate it. Anyway, I just got back home a little while ago, and my legs are killing me, so I'm wrapping my hair in conditioner, and taking a bath.

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July 28, 2001

I have readers???

Yesterday when I went to go pick up Klara from work, we went to our brother's new house to check on improvements. The whole kitchen has been completely removed... no freakin walls! But let me tell you, that's an improvement. The people who lived there before must have been on crack. Or weed, which is quite possible since there was a marijuana plant found growing on the property. Anyway, my brother was talking to me about stuff he read here, on my blogger. I was like, whoa! People actually read this crap? I though I was just writing to myself here. Ahhh, it's nice to be heard. Klara and I went shopping today, and I bought her stuff from Old Navy since I didn't get her a birthday gift. It's cute. I picked up my new sheets for school, and now I'm tired as hell. Time to go take a hot bath and watch Antz. No club hopping tonight.

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July 25, 2001

Book suggestions?

I need a new book to read, beacause I finished the last one. I'm thinking maybe a good fiction book, since I don't read too many of those. Maybe I should read Grapes Of Wrath... I was supposed to read it a few years ago for English class, but I never did. Cliff's notes all the way. But now I think I actually want to read it. I was tempted to pick up a Sue Grafton as I was shelving today, but I'm worried it will be 'summer reading fluff' and I don't want that. Maybe I'll wait for a suggestion.

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July 24, 2001

Should I divulge?

This has been one of those days where I have all these weird thoughts running through my head and nobody around me would ever know it. I don't think anyone would notice, because I keep half of this crap to myself. Am I cutting myself off by doing that? Sometimes I get worried about people I know, like friends and family visiting my site, because they've probably never heard most of this from me directly. I don't think that it's the greatest thing to express myself by technological means only, but I feel weird just letting it all out. So anyway, I've been thinking. Mostly about stuff like school, and the fact that I'll be living away from home, and away from everything familiar, and how great that's going to be. I like that it's going to change me, because I'll be more independent. And I'll have a clean slate with the people I'm going to be living with at school. And maybe I'll get used to being myself, so much so that I'll be myself when I come home too. And maybe I'll be able to say the things that I write, instead of hoping to get my point accross using a domain. Maybe maybe maybe...

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July 21, 2001

No more Y!

Ha... one more week at the Y and I'm done. I think Brian has finally lost it, though. The Y has gotten to him. He spent the whole day walking around, blowing his whistle with a stoned-like smile on his face. He tried on a few kiddie floaties to make his arms look bigger, then took off. I think the new exec, Chilly Willy, is really making everyone crazy. Just what we need. Sure.

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July 19, 2001

Growing up in the 80's

My sister sent me this e-mail forward, about how you know you grew up in the 80's. I can honestly say I agree with about 99% of what's on there! Glow worms, slap bracelets, Duck Tales, Babysitter's Club, Heathcliff, Hypercolor t-shirts! I remember all that stuff! I think I should put it in the ramblings section somewhere, even though I didn't write it. I just think it's so freakin funny. Heh

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July 17, 2001

Yay Dawn!

Dawn wins the award for longest guestbook entry... ever. I've gone through three guestbooks, seven incarnations of my web site, four servers, and many, many visitors. Still, you're the best. I love those long things. I feel appreciated. Okay, enough shmaltzy stuff. That Joyce chick from college admissions that has been calling my house did not call today. We've been playing phone tag. She's never in her office when I call, I'm never home when she calls. The message she left on the machine last Friday went something like this, "This is for Drina. This is Joyce calling from the admissions office at Baldwin Wallace College, I just wanted to touch base with you on a few things, and also to let you know of a positive change in your financial aid package. Give me a call back when you can. Thank you." There is a positive change in my financial aid package! Ha that means more money! That's weird. The first time that I started freaking out about money, I started praying for help, and that very day my financial aid letter came in the mail saying I got almost $9,000 in aid. Then, the other day, I was freaking out again because that still wasn't enough --now look! Oh I almost can't take it. I need to know what that "positive change" is, and how much that means. But Joyce is never there! Ahhhhhhh I just wanna tear my hair out. I need to know! Now!

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July 16, 2001

My bull-headed mother

My mom and I kinda got into a little fight today, because she absolutely refuses to tell me how she's going to pay for school. All she says is, "You don't know how much money I have, so don't even worry or ask me." If she has money, why is she always borrowing $20 at a time to pay for little things around the house? With my brother's wedding over, we have nothing but bills. I don't know why she just can't be straight with me. I'm not ten years old anymore. She just needs to realize that.

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July 12, 2001

Some lucky shmuck...

I guess it was some lucky freak in Willoughby who won the jackpot. Quite ironic, since Willoughby is not a city known for having needy citizens. Shoulda been here. In this house. Since I'm currently in need of college funds, send me a dollar. If everyone who visits my site sends me a dollar, I'll have that $13,000 tuition raised by the time I have grandchildren. Better late than never.

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July 11, 2001

I didn't win.

I didn't win. On to plan B.

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I did buy a ticket!

I did buy a ticket! Ha! The drawing is in two minutes.

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scholarship books... yuck

Can looking through scholarship books be any more rediculous? There are probably a few thousand scholarships listed, and I am elligible for, what... like, five of them? My parents are not members of the American Legion, therefore my prospects are automatically cut in half. I'm not a minority, and that whittles it down to about a fourth of the original list. And since I'm not going to be a nurse/astronomer/athlete, there are almost no scholarships left for me. I need to cover $13,000 more for this year, and I don't know how I'm going to do it, seeing as how my parents spent their life savings on my brother's wedding. There's a $54 million jackpot tonight. Maybe I'll buy a ticket...

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July 10, 2001

What's the deal?

I got a phone call last night from one of my friends, who I haven't talked with in a few weeks. That's a very long time, considering her house is a three-minute drive from mine. She had some pretty interesting stories to tell me... all gossip, by the way. She told me about another friend of ours who has been going after a lot of guys lately. Well, not so much going after them as letting them get her. I'm starting to think this is a self-esteem issue. I worry about her, because I don't think she needs to be sleeping with different guys for attention. What the heck do I say? What am I supposed to do? Tell her, butt out, or what? This sucks. I just wish I could wave a magic wand, or something, and make her realize that she doesn't need this. If she becomes dependant on other people's affection (or whatever) to feel respected, will she ever respect herself? I hate this.

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July 09, 2001

Monkey brunch

Apparently there are people in the world who enjoy a nice monkey brain brunch. At least that's what some guy just wrote to me... interesting. My sister got home last night, or should I say this morning, from Milwaukee. She called us at about 2 a.m. to come pick her up. I guess she had fun there, with her dance group. She said they were are watching the Wimbledon matches on the bus, a bunch of Cro's rooting for another Cro. My dad even called the house this morning to ask me who won the final. When I told him it was Ivanisevic, I think he almost started to cry. I bet anything that he'll buy a copy of the match and watch it over and over... Croatians are funny like that, I guess.

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July 07, 2001

I like rain.

Right now it's raining really hard outside, and I like it.

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The Perks of reading

I've been reading the Perks of Being a Wallflower the last few days, just because I love that book. I just can't help but think I have so much in common with Charlie, except for that whole psychologist thing. There are perks to being a wallflower... seeing the things most people miss, understanding the things most people don't bother to understand. I think most people assume that it's a bad thing, but I don't. Wallflowers are thinkers, and if it weren't for thinkers, where would we be now?

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July 06, 2001

More stuff for school

I forgot to add that I found the perfect sheets for school. Cheap too, on sale for about $7 or so. That's one more thing crossed off of my list. Laundry bag, cups, shower caddy, bowl-mug, and sheets, all taken care of. Now about that mini fridge...

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Parents are funny

My mom and grandma and I went shopping today, and it got me thinking. My mom always asks me why I have to argue everything, and then I see her doing the same to her mother. I couldn't stop myself from at least letting out a little chuckle every now and then. They're just so damn funny, annoying each other as they're looking for bedsheets. But I hope this doesn't mean that I'll turn out exactly like my mother --a fate worse than death. If I ever cling to holy cards and rosaries in my time of need instead of God, maybe I'd deserve whatever comes my way. In any case, I'm content to know that my mom and I are two different people, with a few common habits and mannerisms. That's okay with me.

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July 03, 2001

Oh Crap.

Crap. I forgot that I have to work today. In an hour and a half, I have to put up with 5-10 little brats at the Y. There's this one girl, who I'll call "Haley," who is by far the brattiest child I have ever come accross is my life. Now, I'm not saying I was perfect as a kid, but this girl makes me look saintly. She makes threats against me if I don't give her everything she wants. She'll take a sheet of paper, write "babysitter" on it, and than cross it out with a black marker, over and over again. Her little brother, who is only four, said he was going to pop me in the mouth when I told him to stop jumping on the chair (which is dangerous). I don't know why their mother doesn't discipline them. My ass would have been whupped in half a second if I did that as a kid. I wonder why I even bother. $5.50/hour is not worth that crap.

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