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December 10, 2001


Okay, one down and three to go. Finals. I hate them. The world would be better without them. Two Wednesday, one Friday, and I'm free. Today my neuro final was killer. I feel drained. I want to sleep. I want to stop talking about my stupd finals. I have paintings to finish, new layouts to put up, and shopping to do, among other things.

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December 05, 2001


I know that people outside of Cleveland will not get this, but I am sick of hearing the same 5 songs played over and over again on 96.5. It's the only station even remotely worth listening to here at school (and no, it's NOT static free, like the commercial claims every 2 1/2 minutes). If I hear Jenifer Lopez one more time, I will send anthrax to whoever makes the playlist at the station. What sucks even more than this is the fact that I can't download any music here, because the network doesn't look kindly on Morpheus and the like. Poo.

Two more days, then finals week, then break baby! I'm ready to catch up on life, because the last few weeks I have been without one. I'm ready to live and do things I like. My days recently have consisted of little more than studying things I don't care to know, and praying that somehow this crap will eventually amount to something. Don't get me wrong, I like school (well, parts of it anyway) and I like to learn, but I need to know that I'm going to find my niche after this is all over. What's a bachelor's, master's, or even a PhD if I'm just going through the motions of a job I don't want?

btw we had the mind/brain debate in neuroscience. The mind is not just the chemical processes of the brain, IMHO. One person argued that just because she believed the mind and the brain are one and the same, it doesn't mean she denies the existence of a soul. How is monism even remotely compatible with the idea of a soul? Maybe it's just the fierce dualist in me, but you can't believe in both. Plain and simple.

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December 02, 2001

The twilight zone

My brother reads my blog. Weird.

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