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August 27, 2003

Disaster averted (sort of)

The color of my hair has changed so many times over the last few years that I can't really even remember all of the colors I've used. I'm kind of known for drastic color changes --I would often go from blonde to black to red and purple in less than a school year's time. A few days ago, though, I decided on a less drastic change that, unfortunately, had pretty disastrous results.

Chunky blonde highlights. That's what I was supposed to have right now. My friend (a regular reader of sonafide.com who at this point shall remain nameless, unless she outs herself) came over late Sunday night to dye my hair, give me some blonde cuteness of which my dull locks were in dire need. Yeah. She busted out some foil strips and went to work. About 25 minutes into our dying session, we noticed that the roots of my hair were looking way too light compared to the picture on the box. I wanted golden highlights, not grandma-white strips down the sides of my head. I freaked out and we took the foil pieces out, only to see that the white spots were at the roots while the rest of my head looked normal (and highlighted).

Oh my freakin goodness. The top of my head looked like a checker board, I'm not kidding. My friend raced out to CVS to get me a dark brown color to cover up the mess we made of my hair, and we started re-dying right away. We bought two boxes thinking it would be enough to cover my uber-thick hair. We were wrong. When I washed and dryed, we noticed light brown spots that hadn't been completely covered by the dye. At this point my sister ran back out to CVS to get me three boxes of a new shade (since the dark brown shade was out) to re-dye my hair again. The third time was the charm... my head is all one color, we missed no spots, and the white squares on the top of my head are gone.

I kinda have the Morticia Adams thing going on now... dark hair, pale skin. It's not bad though, and I think I kinda like it. But I still surprise myself when I look into the mirror in the morning. And having dyed my hair three times in one night, I'm still waiting for chunks to start falling out. Oh well. C'est la vie, n'est pas?

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August 24, 2003

Time and again...

Is it just me, or did time seem to go a little slower when you were a little tyke? An hour felt like an hour, and a summer like a summer. Today I am officially an "adult" and the minutes and days seem to fly by like bees on crack. Where the heck did this summer go? Back in May, while walking accross a crappy looking stage to accept a diploma I made plans in my head to do great things during these long (yeah right) hot months. The summer is now over, and I've done absolutely nothing but work and go to a couple of ball games... I never felt like I had the time to do anything else. Why is like moving so fast? My inner child wants to know. Really.

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August 17, 2003

If I were a turtle this would be easy

I'm looking for an apartment. Yes, my first apartment. Over the last few months I've earned a diploma, found a job, and gotten irritated by my parents. It's time to go.

Looking for a home isn't easy. That, I've discovered, requires a painful process of weeding out all of the potential living spaces that:

1. Are too expensive (most places get dropped from the list for this reason).

2. Look kinda $h!++y (which are the only ones I can afford. This leaves me with nothing).

3. Don't have what I need (laundry areas, covered parking, and an OK for small pets --did you think I was leaving FB?)

So I look for apartments. And I look for roommates. And right now I have neither. No pad to make my home, and no friends to live with me (and split the rent). None of my friends have jobs, so I'm stuck looking just for myself... which leads me back to #1 on the list of reasons I must drop potential apartments from the list (see above).

This is so aggravating. Why can't I just go back and live in a dorm, where everything was just so darn easy?

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August 15, 2003

And the lights are on... damn.

So today at 6:00 pm the lights in our house finally lit up. My family (and neighbors) had been waiting for this for about 26 hours or so. We missed the refridgerator giving us cold water and crushed ice, the washing machine cleaning our dirty laundry, and reading e-mail on the computer. Oh, and the air conditioning. Boy did we miss that. But as many of the conveniences we hated doing without, my family actually, dare I say, had fun with our powerless evening. Last night my sister and I went for a walk around our block, and we both commented that we've never seen so many of our neighbors out all at once. Later on that night we brought out a large blanket and layed on the front lawn to watch the stars. Damn were they beautiful. We saw the big dipper (we think) and maybe a planet or two. I should have known what they were, having just taken astronomy... then again I never did pay any attention in that class. Anyway, we ended our night lighting scented candles in the house and talking. It was... nice. Of course, the alarm-less morning which left me late for work served as somewhat of a reality check. Still, it was cool hanging outside for a change, instead of staying glued to this computer screen.

But I do miss my computer. On my goodness, do I ever.

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August 13, 2003

What? WHAT?

According to Belief-O-Matic at Beliefnet.com, these are the religions that most closely match my beliefs.

1. Orthodox Quaker (100%)
2. Mainline to Conservative Christian/Protestant (95%)
3. Seventh Day Adventist (91%)
4. Eastern Orthodox (86%)
5. Roman Catholic (85%)

My question is this: wha huh? I'm trying to figure out why I came up as an Orthodox Quaker. To be honest, I know little about them. Did anyone else take this test?

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August 10, 2003

Shorts (I'm too lazy to elaborate)

My cousin Damir got married today

My brother Ante got caught in a police chase

I've been too busy to get anything done

Fat Bastard put a hole in another shirt of mine

AOL sucks and I can't stay connected five minutes

I went to my friend Alicia's firt solo art exhibit opening

My purse broke

My sister Klara came home from Cancun

I spent too much money at Lane Bryant

I accidentally poisoned one of my bonsais

The evil shoes I wore to Damir's wedding killed my toes

I'm ready to hit the sack

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August 04, 2003

A cool e-mail from my aunt

WHAT IF.....

What if God decided to stop leading us tomorrow because we didn't follow Him today?

What if God couldn't take the time to bless us today because we couldn't take the time to thank Him yesterday?

What if we never saw another flower bloom because we grumbled when God sent the Rain?

What if God didn't walk with us today because we failed to recognize it as His day?

What if, God took away the Bible tomorrow because we would not read it today?

What if, God took away His message because we failed to listen to the

What if, God didn't send His only begotten Son because He wanted us to be prepared to pay the price for sin?

What if, the door of the church was closed because we did not open the door of our heart?

What if, God stopped loving and caring for us because we failed to love and care for others?

What if, God would not hear us today because we would not listen to Him?

What if, God answered our prayers the way we answer His call to service?

What if, God met our needs the way we give Him our lives?

It is not often that I get an e-mail forward worth reading. My mailbox is usually chock full of these things that I don't care for: Little Johnny jokes, political rants, etc. But this one I read, and took the time to absorb. It was the second last line that really floored me. What if God really responded to us the way we respond to him? Could you imagine that? Are you not incredible pumped that God is nothing like the selfish losers he created? I don't know about you, but I am surely grateful. This is the good news.

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August 01, 2003

A question burning my brain

Why must the federal government pastor the country?

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