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There are plenty of new picture pages to peruse in this section. Each album loads all of its pictures onto a single page, so if you're a dinosaur using dial-up like me, it may take a few minutes to load some of the bigger albums. I realize I may be the only one teetering on the edge of extinction here, but I thought I'd throw out that disclaimer just in case. Enjoy.

General albums

The best Maria pics (9)
Family, friends and me (13)
Weezie, Nicodemus, and Fat Bastard album (10)
College webcam fun (16)

Event Albums

The Vegas trip, June 2005 (23)
Fun with painting Maria's room, February 2005 (8)
Sarah's costume party, October 2004 (10)
Rally for Senator John Kerry, September 2004 (7)
Psychology conference in Chicago, May 2004 (9)
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