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Tuesday July 17, 2001

Yay Dawn!

Dawn wins the award for longest guestbook entry... ever. I've gone through three guestbooks, seven incarnations of my web site, four servers, and many, many visitors. Still, you're the best. I love those long things. I feel appreciated. Okay, enough shmaltzy stuff. That Joyce chick from college admissions that has been calling my house did not call today. We've been playing phone tag. She's never in her office when I call, I'm never home when she calls. The message she left on the machine last Friday went something like this, "This is for Drina. This is Joyce calling from the admissions office at Baldwin Wallace College, I just wanted to touch base with you on a few things, and also to let you know of a positive change in your financial aid package. Give me a call back when you can. Thank you." There is a positive change in my financial aid package! Ha that means more money! That's weird. The first time that I started freaking out about money, I started praying for help, and that very day my financial aid letter came in the mail saying I got almost $9,000 in aid. Then, the other day, I was freaking out again because that still wasn't enough --now look! Oh I almost can't take it. I need to know what that "positive change" is, and how much that means. But Joyce is never there! Ahhhhhhh I just wanna tear my hair out. I need to know! Now!