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May 28, 2001


We try on the dreaded dresses on Thursday. I just got the call from my sister Klara. The moment of truth, how will a green bridesmaid's dress look on me? Probably the same way my granma's shawl. I am not looking forward to any of this, if it isn't apparent enough already.

Enough of my complaining. I watched Close Encounters Of the Third Kind with Sarah. She bought me a plastic shower caddy for school this fall, and a green plastic cup. I never even thought about getting a cup before, but I guess she's right, I'll need it. They're cute though. Look like they're from Target.

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May 25, 2001

Bridesmaid hell

Just looked at the date. Hell awaits in 15 days, taking the form of a bridesmaid's dress.

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May 24, 2001

Looking for lotto psychics

I just spent the last 5 1/2 hours shopping with my grandma. Penny's, Sears, Kaufman's... I don't think I can walk anymore. Or look at anymore black leather flats. Though I did see a pair of Sketchers sandals I want. Too bad I don't get paid until tomorrow, and my bank account at the moment is less than zero. Three freakin jobs and I still don't have enough cash.

I need to win the lotto. Or at least get a job that pays more than $6.50 an hour.

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May 23, 2001

Movin on up

So I started out with a weekly journal, then moved along to a wannabe-hand-updated blog, and now I've finally graduated to the real thing. Okay, here I go. Someday I'll get a comments system.

And my first entry in my new official blog has to do with the evils of working at a library. I swear I will never ever ever ever take a book from the library and put it back in the wrong place ever again. I won't. I swear. I can't believe what a pain in the ass it is to have to read and re-shelve everything because it's messed up. And it doesn't help when you have a cart quota... 100 books/hour. I'm starting to hate books.

One good thing? I see a lot of books I like as I'm shelving them. I think tomorrow I'm going to take out Shop Girl.

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