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Sunday July 29, 2001

Art Museum!

Sarah, Lou and I went to the Cleveland Museum of Art today. I can't even remember the last time I was there. It is so cool to see art from thousands of years ago, just a few halls away from art made in the last decade. I love museums and galleries and all that. There were Riveras, Mondrians, Dalis, Rothkos... I could live there. The asian gallery was amazing. Afterward, we went to Tower City. And, lucky me, I got to tag along as Sarah and Lou hit all of my favorite stores, like J. Crew, Gap, and Abercrombie & Fitch. I tried not to look too bored, but my two preppy counterparts saw through the act. Why does Tower City not have a Hot Topic? Or at the very least, an Old Navy? I just don't wanna be stuck in an A&F; surrounded by posters of all-American white boys in football attire. Plus it always smells funny in there. I hate it. Anyway, I just got back home a little while ago, and my legs are killing me, so I'm wrapping my hair in conditioner, and taking a bath.