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Sunday April 03, 2005


I decided while driving home from work today to take a month-long hiatus from posting on the blog. During the last few weeks, I've been so busy between working at my jobs and doing other random things that blogging has begun to seem like a chore, and it shouldn't be. When it comes time that updating a blog feels like a responsibility rather than a privelage, a blogger needs to step back and take a break. So, for the rest of April I probably won't be blogging unless I get the writing bug before the month is up. In the meantime, I'll be working on some websites, including a new design for, looking for a new job, figuring out why my idiot digital camera doesn't work anymore, and hopefully starting doing some artwork again.

See you guys May 1st. If you're still around. Ha.


Friday April 01, 2005

Will work for courtesy

Working at a job you don't like is tough enough without being spoken to like a child by those who believe their graduate degrees give them permission to look down on you.

Seriously, I'll work for peanuts. Someone, please hire me.