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Tuesday January 31, 2006

SOU guestimations

No, I won't be watching the State of the Union Address. Nothing will be said tonight that hasn't been said before, and I don't think I could ever stay awake through it all (turkey makes me sleepy). But I will, as always, make my predictions.

28 freedoms
19 democracies
16 terrors
11 liberties
7 Iraqs
3 values
2 gods
0 tortures


Sunday January 29, 2006

Someone is messing with me

Says my deceitful fortune cookie:

My fortune cookie



Friday January 27, 2006

Tired, cranky, and a little paranoid

Sarah and I just polished off the fifth season of Gilmore Girls on DVD. It only took us four sittings, but we got through all 22 hour-long episodes (44 minutes sans commercials). Now we can start watching the current season in reruns on tv and get completely caught up. With that behind me, I feel like all is right with the world.

I mean, not really. I'm still in a weird funk that I can't explain. And I think even non-blog readers are starting to notice. People are going out of their way to be really nice to me. I've been getting lots of compliments, invites, presents, and awkward hugs from people who don't normally touch me. It's a little weird. Nice, but weird.

This "emo and junk" phase is going nowhere fast, and I'm not sure why. And all of the niceness is really great (especially the presents) but I don't want to be the needy girl that people feel sorry for. Sure, I'm frustrated, worried, depressed, anxious, overwhelmed and lost, but not suicidal. I just have some things to figure out right now. Really, that's all.


Wednesday January 25, 2006

"All emo and junk"

In the spirit of Jenn, who's turning to Morrissey for help with general feelings of bummed-ness, I'm adding my top five Pete Yorn songs. Pete gives me virtual hugs (via the iTunes method) when I need them.

1. Just Another
2. Come Back Home
3. When You See the Light
4. On Your Side
5. Strange Condition


Tuesday January 24, 2006

A rare burst of ambition

I've been contemplating lately (okay, today) going back to school for the three classes I have left to complete my bachelor's degree in fine art. I know I already have a bachelor's in science and will probably start grad school in the near future, but I can't help wanting to tie up that loose end. Is that crazy?

Honestly, I think it's because I miss being in a creative environment. It's hard to feel artistic when I spend all day, every day in a lab scoring data. I need to figure out how to reincorporate my artistic side, because I hate that it's missing from my life right now.


Saturday January 21, 2006

And it's not even my birthday

My brother and sister-in-law decided to give me pick-me-up surprise and bought me a Magic Bullet. Relax non-informercial-watching readers, I'm still very much a pacifist. It's not really a weapon, unless you consider dip-making a martial art (of course, this doesn't mean I can't hurt myself with it, but that's another blog entry).

magicbullet.jpg It's a mixing, grinding, chopper-upper that's supposedly easy to use (and works in seconds!) I've wanted one since I saw the informercial one morning when I played hooky from work. I haven't tried it out yet, but I'm hoping it really does what the enthusiastic lady on tv says it would. I'm ready to make some 10-second guacamole.

::crosses fingers::


Wednesday January 18, 2006

Right now

I'm worried about where I'll be living in two months. I'm trying to get back on the diet wagon. I'm dreading having to perform a procedure at work that I have ethical concerns about. I'm lamenting the fact that I have so little time to paint anymore. I'm annoyed with myself for not having called Tina, Alicia, and Lisa in a really long time. I'm mad that I missed Alicia's art show. I'm fretting over all of the data I have to score. I'm frustrated that my other website is having issues. I'm bummed that My Old Roomie is so far away. I'm drowsy from the lack of sleep. And I'm so completely exhausted.


Monday January 16, 2006

Book sale

My sister-in-law Sarah now has a shopping site for Usborne Books. There are some great children's books available there. Check it out:

And please don't think less of her just because her husband is a massive dork. It's really not her fault.


I sank my Ipod

Do you think the Apple techs will laugh when I tell them that my brand new video Ipod took a plunge in the toilet? At work, no less? I'm hoping they find it amusing enough to discount the cost of repair.


Saturday January 14, 2006

Almost there

So, Maria has made about seven steps without the use of a table or grandma, but I have yet to capture this feat on camera. For now, she only teases me, doing the cheat walk.

almost walking

almost walking

almost walking


Wednesday January 11, 2006

Guess who's walking

Someone took her first three steps. Go ahead, guess...


Tuesday January 10, 2006

Career fair

So lately whenever I log onto AOL or have MSN pop up on my browser, I see nothing but talk of the Top 10 Greatest Jobs! and other career-related mumbo jumbo. This annoys me. I don't want to be reminded about work or that everyone else makes a bazillion dollars more than I do. And I don't like that MSN rubs this in my face.

Here are some of the "best" jobs this year, according to the hideous world of career websites.

Registered Nurse
What it pays: $55,680
Why I can't be one: Catheters freak me out

Postsecondary Teacher
What it pays: $62,032
Why I can't be one: I can't stand freshmen

Customer Service Rep
What it pays: $29,350
Why I can't be one: Customers annoy me

General and Operations Manager
What it pays: $93,580
Why I can't be one: I hate business

Elementary School Teacher
What it pays: $46,350
Why I can't be one: I can only handle one at a time

Accountant and Auditor
What it pays: $57,160
Why I can't be one: Boring

Truck Driver, Heavy and Tractor Trailer
What it pays: $34,920
Why I can't be one: I can't drive a truck

Executive Secretary and Administrative Assistant
What it pays: $37,350
Why I can't be one: I can't type that fast

Sales Representative, Wholesale and Manufacturing
What it pays: $54,500
Why I can't be one: I said I hate business

What it pays: $38,250
Why I can't be one: I'd hurt myself

If I could only get paid for complaining, I'd be set for life. I think I'm just destined to be irritated with my job.


Monday January 09, 2006

Too much chocolate

Is it bad that I'm still in holiday eating mode, with a chocolate-covered something still part of my daily diet? Is it even right to call it a diet? Cheesus, it's ten days into the new year. I need to snap back into reality.


Friday January 06, 2006


So, what's this I hear about Patrick Swayze cutting a rap single? I'm assuming this isn't a serious endeavor, and it's just a casual musing like, hey, I can do that. Sort of the way I sometimes imagine myself hosting a political talk show a la Hardball, without all the discrimination against progressive voices. Never mind the fact that I stutter and have such horrible public speaking anxiety that I tense up when my best friend asks me what I did today. The talk show isn't going to happen. And if the rap single gets any further than Swayze's imagination, he's going to be a bigger laughingstock than I was in third grade dodge ball.

I don't mean to be mean, but I have my doubts about his rhyming chops. I'd love to give him some heartfelt encouragement, but the embarrassment I feel for him won't let me. Dear Lord, please let this all be a big misunderstanding. You gave Patrick some quick feet and wicked eyebrows, but I'm pretty sure you held back on the flow. If I'm wrong, feel free to send a lightning bolt my way. I've got a horrible case of seasonal depression from the cold Cleveland weather, and at this point some shock therapy might do me some good.


Thursday January 05, 2006

Young Drina and her many delusions

As a kid I had always imagined myself being ridiculously successful by the time I reached my current age. Either I'd be living in a New York City apartment making lots of money selling paintins in posh galleries, or travelling the world studying the Earth's marine life as Berkeley's top young biologist. And somewhere in there was a flirtation with Congress. Man was I dumb.

I was a big dreamer then. Little did I know I'd actually find myself pretty damn penniless with student loans up the wazoo and a less than stellar job to boot. If I could go back in time, I'd give young Drina a swift kick in the pants.

I'm pretty sure this is why I want to move out of state so badly. I can't stand the thought of living my whole life in one place, never having gone anywhere except for vacations. By my age, my parents had already lived in several different countries (each)! As a kid, I never pictured myself as a lifelong Clevelander. I always had big dreams about travelling and moving... And now that I'm old enough to do it I'm pissed at myself that I haven't done it. Yet.

So here's my plan: I'm sticking around for the next month or two, then before my next birthday (in April) I'll be living elsewhere. And doing something interesting. I guess I owe young Drina, stupid but ambitious, a shot.


Wednesday January 04, 2006

My life is boring

Lately all I've been doing is watching movies. I finally saw Before Sunrise and Before Sunset (both fantastic) and the Incredibles. This is seriously my life now.


Sunday January 01, 2006

My New Year's resolutions for 2006

In no particular order of priority, these are the things I want to do and accomplish in the next year.

  1. Keep up my new eating habits to reach my goal weight of 150 pounds.
  2. Move somewhere out of state
  3. Finish the painting my aunt's been bugging me about since I was 20.
  4. Keep not shopping at Wal-mart.
  5. Read the entire Chronicles of Narnia series
  6. Publish my first scientific article