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Tuesday June 28, 2005

Godspeed, My Old Roomie

Yesterday at the crack of dawn my old roomie hopped into her PT Cruiser and headed south to start a new life in Atlanta. Right now she's probably cursing the humidity and arranging her new apartment. All without me, of course :(

Steph, you'd better come back to Cleveland the first chance you have. Who else is going to watch Brad Pitt marathons with me? Hmmm??


Monday June 27, 2005

The Vegas trip

So I'm back from Vegas, with a eety-beety little tan and a whole lot of jet lag. Actually, I got back some days ago, but it's taken me a while to get all the photos downloaded and edited and all that good stuff. Here's the rundown:

Steph, Angie and I stayed in a hotel on the strip. We saw two shows, Blue Man Group and Cirque Du Soleil's Mystere, which were both awesome and totally worth the hefty ticket prices.

I spent about ten dollars playing the slots, just so that I could pull the lever and say I gambled in Las Vegas. I also lost those ten dollars. I'll never see them again.

Angie won a few bucks playing Black Jack... Wooooo!

The hotels were amazing... right now we're already planning our next trip and trying to decide on a hotel. Our favorites were the Luxor, the Bellagio, The Venetian, and the MGM Grand (which looks like it's bigger than the entire city of Cleveland.)

The Bellagio Hotel at night

We also ate at Emeril's restaurant in the MGM. The food was fantastic, and totally worth the visit.

Pictures are right here. Enjoy!


Wednesday June 08, 2005

Vegas resolutions

Since Vegas is the place that people tend to lose their inhibitions (and their money), I've come up with some resolutions for myself to follow while I'm there in the hopes that I return home without some of the nasty side effects of the Vegas lifestyle.

First and foremost, I vow to only play craps, if I gamble at all. Craps affords players the greatest probability of winning. And gambling really is all about numbers. Don't listen to anyone who talks about luck.

I will also spend no more at the casinos than what I earn in one day at my job (after taxes).

Second, I will apply 40 SPF sunblock every hour, on the hour.

Third, I resolve to stick to drinking water with a lemon wedge, and leave the shots to Angie and Steph, at whom I will laugh if they get the slightest bit tipsy. Someone has to be the responsible one. It might as well be me.

Lastly, I promise to forget about my job for five whole days. I will not think about work, nor will I fantasize about telling off my boss. I will enjoy myself with some healthy r&r.;

Vegas will be fun. See you on the flip side.


Monday June 06, 2005

Vegas woes

In less than ten days my old roomie, her other old roomie, and myself head out to Las Vegas for a few hot days in the sun and cool nights on the town. My old roomie has warned me repeatedly that my glow-in-the-dark white skin won't last 5 minutes in the desert sun. And today, after being burned by 5 minutes in Cleveland sun, I'm starting to get worried.

I have a feeling that I'm going to come home from our trip looking like a fried ripe tomato, and getting that much closer to a nice melanoma. What was I thinking?

Next time, Roomie, we're going to Aspen.


Thursday June 02, 2005

Oy, the embarrassment

Today at work a colleague pointed to my scrub bottoms with a puzzled look and asked why I had a tail. I peeked over my shoulder and spotted three sheets of the Pleveland Plinic's finest doubly ply tucked inside my drawstring waist. This, courtesy of the girl with toilet paper forever stuck to the bottom of her shoe. Now I've got a new place to carry it. Just what I wanted.