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No more long spiels, at least not for now. I've got over four years worth of daily ramblings just sitting on my server (four years!). So adding more stories and anecdotes here is kind of pointless. Of course, the majority of the things I do are pointless, so perhaps I should designate that as fact #1 on my list of "things about Drina." Enjoy.
  1. Many of the things I do are sometimes pointless.
  2. I own two rats: Guido Sarducci and Kaiser Sose. I've had three before: Weezie McWeezerson, Nicodemus, and the amazingly wonderful and delightful Fat Bastard. I miss Fatty. He was the best damn rat ever.
  3. I'm Croatian.
  4. I speak Croatian.
  5. Well, broken Croatian.
  6. My parents speak broken English.
  7. I live in Cleveland.
  8. My younger sister, Klara, goes to Ohio State
  9. My older brother, Ante, has a wife and kid, Maria.
  10. I majored in psychology, and hope to attend graduate school for experimental psychology.
  11. My parents raised me to be Catholic.
  12. I'm not Catholic.
  13. Green Day, MxPx, the Ataris, Morrissey, Bright Eyes, My Chemical Romance, Reliant K, The Killers, Flogging Molly, and U2 are my favorite bands.
  14. I can tolerate moshing, but don't typically engage in it.
  15. According to Political Compass, I belong to the libertarian left.
  16. I suck at keeping in touch.
  17. I consume too many Altoids.
  18. I own many pairs of white canvas sneakers.
  19. I believe in Jesus Christ.
  20. I am not anti-science, though.
  21. I stopped drinking when I turned 19. Last May I got tipsy for the first time since forever ago when Dan kept giving me Washington Apples at my brother's band's show. I'm now back on the wagon.
  22. My car is an aqua blue Chevy Cavalier.
  23. I'm not allowed to buy imports because my mom works used to work for GM.
  24. I really, really, want a Volkswaggon Beetle.
  25. My first website was created in May of 1999.
  26. I am a registered Democrat.
  27. I abhor war. Especially the unnecessary ones.
  28. Arianna Huffington inspires me.
  29. Drawing gives me focus.
  30. I worked at Marc's for one day.
  31. I've had purple hair in the past.
  32. Baseball and tennis are the only sports I follow. And only sometimes.
  33. When I was a kid, I started a group called Save Our Country (SOC). I elected myself president, held group meetings in my basement, and started a letter-writing campaign to then-President George Bush.
  34. I was not successful in saving our country.
  35. I am a member of the American Psychological Society.
  36. I love the Discovery Channel's Shark Week.
  37. Jenny Saville is my favorite artist.
  38. I'm one of those cheese fanatics who would rather eat Mahon, Gruyere, and Mimolette than American cheese and Mozzarella.
  39. I can spell onomatopoeia. And I didn't use my spellchecker.
  40. I never believed there were weapons of mass distruction. And I was right.
  41. I tend to procrastinate.
  42. I tutor autistic children.
  43. My dream job is to get paid for playing with Photoshop.
  44. I am completely tone deaf. When I was a kid, I was in a choir, and they put me in the back because I sucked so bad.
  45. I hate Cracker Barrel.
  46. My dad's nickname for me is Doctor Lawyer President.
  47. My dad is from Bosnia.
  48. I was named after a Bosnian river.
  49. My birthday is on April 14th. This is the same day that the Titanic hit the ice berg and that Lincoln was shot. I'm a disaster waiting to happen.
  50. My favorite colors are black and pink.
  51. I am a huge fan of Al Franken.
  52. I don't watch more than 2 hours of tv a week.
  53. In 2003 my doorm floor voted me most likely to succeed.
  54. I'm afraid of down escalators.
  55. As a 14 year-old, I had the biggest crush on Jonathan Brandis.
  56. My highschool had an equal mix of black and white students.
  57. I use dial-up. Shut up, I know.
  58. In the spring of 2002, I won first place at Baldwin-Wallace College's annual juried student art exhibit for my drawing Familija.
  59. My college roommate and I once both dreamed on the same night that I had died in my sleep.
  60. I hate country music.
  61. My favorite restaurant is Chin's Pagoda.
  62. I didn't fall for the Fair & Balaced or We report, you decide slogans.
  63. I don't belong to any Christian denomination.
  64. My first rat, Fat Bastard, suffered from urinary incontinence.
  65. The Royal Tennenbaums is my favorite movie.
  66. I shop mostly at Old Navy and Lane Bryant.
  67. My first concert was All 4 One. Oy.
  68. As a child, my favorite toy was my Glow Worm. Man I loved than thing.
  69. I'm aware that evolution is not "just a theory."
  70. I'm struggling to think of 30 more things to say.
  71. Fat Bastard used to pee on my jeans.
  72. Unlike most Americans, I don't have a middle name.
  73. I believe that gay marriage doesn't pose even a fraction of the problem to this country as racism.
  74. I love carbs. That's why I have to shop at Lane Bryant.
  75. I have terrible public speaking anxiety. Just horrible.
  76. My life's mission is to destroy clutter.
  77. I never took senior pictures, bought a class ring, or went to the prom. I never had school spirit, and I never will.
  78. My favorite book is the Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning. And I love the Chronicles of Narnia.
  79. I have been a bridesmaid twice in my life, and hated it both times.
  80. I hate wearing dresses.
  81. My vision is horrible, and I wear strong contact lenses.
  82. My favorite thing about Cleveland is the Great Lakes Science Center.
  83. I have a tongue ring.
  84. I only wear jewelry on special occasions.
  85. In elementary school, I was scared into getting good grades because I believed that they would go on my permanent record and affect my future forever. We all believed in our "permanent records."
  86. One of my best friends, Sarah, and I often get mistaken for being sisters.
  87. I'm extremely afraid of spiders and centipedes. Especially centipedes.
  88. Foods that I hated as a child but love as an adult include spinach, dried mango, swiss cheese, lettuce, cheesecake, clam chowder, and pesto.
  89. In fifth grade I played first base for my school's softball team. I never once struck out. Actually, I never even got a single strike on me, because I always hit the first pitch, no matter how high or how far out it was. I had no eye for stray pitches.
  90. I used to love watching the Joy of Painting with Bob Ross as a kid.
  91. Okay, ten more. Give me a minute.
  92. Before I die, I want to go skydiving, drive a Volkswaggon Beetle, and win the Nobel prize.
  93. I've traveled only to 16 States. I've never seen the West coast.
  94. Just kidding about the Nobel prize thing. I'm not smart enough.
  95. My parents are retired.
  96. I am not afraid of death. Or terrorism.
  97. I secretly envy Canada. It embraces the American ideals of freedom and liberty better than America does.
  98. My favorite kind of candy is Reece's Peanut Butter Cups.
  99. I have voted in every major election since turning 18.
  100. I'm a compulsive list maker. But I bet you knew that already.

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