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Tuesday July 03, 2001

Oh Crap.

Crap. I forgot that I have to work today. In an hour and a half, I have to put up with 5-10 little brats at the Y. There's this one girl, who I'll call "Haley," who is by far the brattiest child I have ever come accross is my life. Now, I'm not saying I was perfect as a kid, but this girl makes me look saintly. She makes threats against me if I don't give her everything she wants. She'll take a sheet of paper, write "babysitter" on it, and than cross it out with a black marker, over and over again. Her little brother, who is only four, said he was going to pop me in the mouth when I told him to stop jumping on the chair (which is dangerous). I don't know why their mother doesn't discipline them. My ass would have been whupped in half a second if I did that as a kid. I wonder why I even bother. $5.50/hour is not worth that crap.