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August 30, 2001

That douche bag...

I have never before a teacher use the term "douche bag" before, until yesterday. Last night I hiked over to the building next door for my last psych class, found the room, and sat down. About five or ten minutes later, the proffessor walks in. She's from India, and has somewhat of an accent. I can understand her really well, though. Funny as hell... she was talking about relationships, and asked if anyone in the class ever put up with a boy/girlfriend even though they wanted to break it off. Then she said something like, "Sometimes you just have to stand up and be honest. Just say, no, you're a douch bag and I don't wanna be your girlfriend." In jest, of course, but it's funny to hear that from someone who's got a PhD from Standford. Nice.

Tomorrow I go home for the weekend, so I'll be able to do updates and stuff from there. Like I have any updates! My guestbook is so lonely... my little hit counter thing says I get plenty of visitors, but nobody leaves me any notes or anything! Bleh. I want e-mail. Either that, or money. Maybe a kiss. <3

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August 29, 2001

Ghosts, blah blah blah

Supposedly there is a ghost lurking in my hall. Last night my roomie and I were watching tv in our dorm when we heard this weird noise come from the pipes... just a loud bang kinda thing. Then she told me that, according to some people, the woman for whom the hall is named roams the halls and haunts the place. Since it's a girls-only dorm, she bangs on the pipes whenever a guy is there, maybe like a virginity-protector kinda thing (like anyone here is a virgin). I don't believe that ghosts exist, or that my dorm is haunted, so I'm safe. And besides, it was only the two of us when we heard that banging sound, so there weren't any guys there. Still, very weird. And speaking of weird things, I swear this one ladybug is following me. I know, paranoia... blah blah blah, but it's just strange. I keep seeing this one ladybug everywhere I go. It's there in my shower stall; on the bathroom mirror when I'm washing my hands; even in my dorm room. Maybe they're all different, and we're just infested with ladybugs, but the ones I see all have the same spots. Freaks me out.

I think my parents are going to help me buy a computer for my room. We're going to Circuit City on Saturday, I think. If I do get a new 'puter, I don't know if I'll ever leave the room. I know I need it, because I can't update this site without one (save for the blog), but I've been itching to start designing a new version, and I can't with the school's stuff. We can't install any of our own software, and I need my graphics and ftp programs...

Tomorrow I do laundry. God help me.

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August 27, 2001

First classes

I started class today. My proffessors seem really nice. In my neuroscience class, I saw someone that I was kinda friends with in high school. I still have to find a job, which sucks. I guess I could use the money though. I'm down to about $25 right now --after my parents gave me some. I also met some un-preppies, which is cool. They're hard to come by here. And some cuties.

My parents came to the dorm yesterday to check it out. It's extraordinarily plain. Compared to everyone else's cute made-up rooms, mine is a blank canvas. I need to do something about that, but I think I'll need to hit Target to change that. Gotta loft, gotta decorate, gotta shop. Gotta get a job, too.

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August 25, 2001

My friend, the felon

Somebody I used to be friends with a while back just got arrested. It was on the front page of the paper today. He and one of his friends went out shooting BB guns to be stupid, and ended up killing some kid. I guess he's in for murder now. This is just so weird. I don't think he ever would have killed anyone, even if he didn't mean to, because he didn't seem this stupid. What is wrong with him, and people in general these days?!!! Did everybody just go psycho on crack all of a sudden? Is it just me?

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One night at school and I'm already at home. I came home today to go shopping for some stuff I forgot. My parents gave me $120 from their refund check since I'm broke. I bought water, paper towels, sleep shirts, and ready-to-eat crap. I'm going back tonight.

My room is still plain, I need to add some color, or something. It's kinda hot, so an air conditioner would be nice too. Sarah made me dinner just now, and Brandon is over, so I best be going. :)

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August 24, 2001


Yes! I have located a computer lab! A tiny one, on the second floor of the library... which happens to be right next to my dorm. I got up early today, at about 6 am. I don't even remember the last time that I got up at 6 am. Well, I packed the last of my junk into the car (the whole time worrying that I'd have too much) and took off with my dad in separate cars. We got to the dorm, and after my check-in, we took all my stuff upstairs, to the third floor. Was that ever a workout. Four trips for each of us, carrying heavy bags. It didn't help that it was hot out today.

My room mate was asleep when we got in, and she stayed asleep after we were done. She was wearing earplugs, I think. My dad and I let her sleep, and we walked around for a little bit. He shook my hand and left. I have no idea why he shook my hand. I guess that's just the way we do things in this family. I bet he cried in the car! Muhahahahahahaha Anyway, I finally met my roomie after she woke up. She seems cool. She brought two tv's, a fridge, microwave, a million and a half movies, and this huge shelf. She pretty much covered all the bases. It took only about fifteen minutes to unpack all of my stuff. I was worried about bringing too much, and I was the one who brought the least of all! I have all this room, tons of drawers, a walk-in closet! We each have one, so I get one to myself. My closet looks so empty, because I didn't have much to bring. I'm going back home tomorrow to get the rest of my stuff.

At 11:30 we had an orientation meeting, which was okay. The resident leaders did some dances, including a number where a certain male resident wearing a blonde wig and a tube top lip-synced to Lady Marmalade. Afterward, we played some ice-breaking games which were kind of stupid. I would rather have skipped it. Because of that I have grass stains on the knees of my khakis.

My resident advisor, Theresa, seems really nice. She looks so darn familiar, though. I just know I've met her before, somewhere. After doing the dorm things, I hiked over to the bookstore to buy my much-overpriced books. I spent $250, which would then leave my account at $.79. Not dollars. Cents. Thank God I bought the used neuroscience book, because if I didn't, my account would be in the negative. I think I'm going to have to ask my parents for some cash in the meantime. I still need a lamp. And that rug thing has not yet been worked out.

This library is deserted. I'm here on the second floor all by myself, which would probably be kinda creepy if it were dark out. The walls are this velveeta yellow, and the boolshelves are brown and orange. So is the carpet. Orange circles on a brown background... enough to get you dizzy in about two seconds. I bet it was installed before I was a wee bairne. Anyway, Steph should be moving in Sunday, and classes start Monday, so I will probably be getting settled in no time. A few pictures here, a few discarded pizza boxes there, and this will be just like home.

Damn I'm cheesy.

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August 23, 2001


Well, here I go. I just spent the last three hours packing up all of my stuff, and cramming it into the back of my car. As I kept looking around my room, I noticed so many things that I kinda overlooked before... the graduation picture of me and Sarah, my Beetle poster, a box of tissues, etc. I even forgot my clothes! Like a idiot, I packed everything but my daily wear, some of which is still in the dryer right now. I have to get up in about 6 1/2 hours to get ready and leave. My dad is coming with me to the campus to help me move in, but my mom and sis have work and school. I still don't have the coffe table and rug situation worked out, since I haven't seen the room yet. I can always come back home for things I missed, though. My house in only about 45 minutes away from the dorm.

One thing I could not believe... my mom came to me yesterday and said she wanted to use her tax refund check to buy me a laptop! OMG that would have been awesome. We didn't find a good buy, though, so that will have to wait. Honestly, I think she should use it to pay off some credit card bills, because that would be a lot smarter. But this is college business. Who cares about being smart.

I might be away for a few days, until I get settled at school and find my way to a computer lab (or a laptop!) So if I'm not blogging every day, I'm not dead or anything. Just busy.   :)

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August 22, 2001

Going away dinner

Bro and sis-in-law took me to Bennigan's for dinner, since I'm leaving for school and everything. And they bought me plates! They're these cool colored plastic ones, like the kind my mom bought before. So there's one more thing crossed off my to buy list. I went to the campus today, because Sarah needed to get her ID taken, and didn't want to go by herself. My room mate wasn't there, so I couldn't get into the room. My card wouldn't let me in, since it's not supposed to work until Friday, so I guess I won't be moving in tomorrow. I mean, unless I get a hold of my roomie and ask her to let me in. She's a summer resident, so she's there already. I just don't want to get up so early Friday morning and haul all my stuff out there, fighting for the elevator with thirty other people moving in. I want to get a head start, but I'm not really ready anyway, so I guess I'll have to wait. Still don't have a comforter cover, a rug, towels, silverware, detergent, and a robe. I stole my sister's old bookbag, so that's off the list. Just a few more things and I'm there.

I wonder if my school has job openings for a web designer... to maybe help update the web site. If they do, I probably wouldn't get it. It's not like customer service and library support carry much weight in terms of job experience. I'll probably be stuck answering phones, or something. And I already know how crappy that will be. I quit the Y for just that reason. Bleh.

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August 20, 2001

More dorm stuff

As usual I hit the stores today to find some more dorm stuff. I bought some muchies, some pants, and some undies. Three more days until I move in. I have so much left to buy still:

1. A rug for the room 2. A terry robe 3. towels 4. silverware & microwavable plates 5. bookbag 6. soap & soap container 7. detergent
I think I have plenty to do until I move in. I still have to put money on my school card and find out about jobs open on campus. So little time! I think I'll make my brother buy some of that stuff. Going away gift, you know. Woooo

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August 19, 2001

Move in is around the corner

Four more days until I move in... I still have so much to buy. And my acount is threatening to go less than zero. Well, I have maybe a couple hundred to spend, but that's about it. I need that amount to multipky if I'm going to get all the things I need. I'm going on Wednesday to see the room and move some of my stuff in, then probably move myself in Thursday after work. I found a job listing on campus for someone to work in the theater department, and I'm going to try and snag it before anyone else does. Four more days!

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August 18, 2001

Empty religiosity.

It seems like all I do nowadays is write ramblings about religion, but I just had to include another one. I wrote it today, after visiting a web site run by someone who left a note in my guestbook. When people start taking modesty to extremes, and start telling people specifically what they can and can't wear, I cringe because I know this idea is based on control, not godliness. He seems like a nice guy otherwise though. But that's my update for the day. New stuff in the 'ramblings' section.

Sarah's parents returned earlier than normal, but it doesn't matter. If we decided to have a little get-together with friends at her house (a.k.a. a party), her mom would probably sponsor it. Before they came home, Sarah and I cooked pasta and cleaned dishes... things we wouldn't do if her parents were there. We're responsible. Sarah brought the exec at the Y some pasta. He said, "It would have been better with chicken." Yes, thank you. Chicken. I'll remember next time. Anyways, today was my last day there, hopefully. Technically it was the third time that it was supposed to be my last day, but here's hoping that I'm fially done.

I move into the dorm in 5 days!

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August 16, 2001

Party time

Sarah's parents are gone for the weekend... muhahahahahaha yeah. Well, not that it would matter if her mom is not there, she's like one of us anyway. But it's cool that she's got the house to herself. I think it's time for a little Thursday night madness... we need a party.

I move into the dorm in 7 days!

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August 14, 2001

New York, Jr.

The one thing that sucks about Cleveland is that it's too big to be a cute little city, and too small to be able to really get away. Just for a day, I'd like to go somewhere, like maybe New York, and be an anonymous face in an anoymous crowd. I am really in need of that kind of thing right now.

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College, here I come

I am so counting down the days until I leave this place and move into the dorm. Right now I'm at 10. So, ten more days, and I can come and go as I please, wear & listen to whatever I want, and not have to deal with my parents telling me that I have to be this way or that way. I am ready to get away from their disapproval. Not that they're that bad or anything; I just figure it's time I start doing things on my own is all. Today my mom asked me if I could get books for her from the library I work at. I know what that means. I'm going to have to go hunting for Catholic Mariology books. I don't want to. I'm sure this is the same way she feels when she uses my car, and gets a blast of nofx when she turns on the ignition. It makes me uncomfortable to be an accessory to her religion, because I know that means I'm going to be feeding her things I know are not true. Maybe I just need to not be involved. Get her books, not say anything, act like it's not my problem.

I spent the weekend watching old movies. Sarah is on a movie kick. I mean, a renting kick. She takes out a million and a half videos and watches them. We saw Valley of the Dolls, which was weird. It's all about beautiful people popping pills. I'm pretty sure she has more lined up for this week. Not like I have anything better to do.

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August 13, 2001

Damn this insomnia

I'm so worn out from everything. I just want to crawl under a rock, and hide... or something to that effect. I'm just not into doing anything, really. I don't want to paint. I'm excited about going away to school and all, but it's not like I'm bouncing off the walls or anything. I just don't care. I need sleep, I think.

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August 10, 2001

Roomie confusion

How much a day or two can change! You know how I was bitching about the fact that my roomie never phoned? Well, it turns out she's not really going to be my roomie. I guess she dropped, or something. Yesterday I get home from work at the library and my dad tells me that my room mate called finally. So I called the number she left and asked for Megan, only it wasn't Megan, it was Jennifer! And she sounded really cool, too. She has a fridge, tv, and a microwave, so the only real thing I need to buy is a rug. Score! I don't have to spend my ca$h on any of that stuff! I don't think it could have turned out any better. She's actually moving in on this Sunday, so she said I could start moving my stuff in any time. I just don't have a key yet. I wanted to go see the room today, when I went it to register for classes, but it was locked. And speaking of registering, since I did so late, (two weeks before the start of classes) almost everything was closed. That sucked, I was one of the last ones scheduled for classes. My advisor seems like kind of a ditz, but she was really nice. I have 3 Psych classes, one Social science class, and one art. Don't even ask me what I wanna do with my life, because right now your guess is as good as mine. Anyway, my sister went with me today and we walked around campus. I think I finally know my way around, which is a very good thing. The only thing that sucks is the fact the BW is basically Abercrombie & Fitch heaven, which means I probably won't fit in so perfectly. But the way I figure, I've never fit in anywhere before, so this should be normal for me. Maybe I'll inspire a black revolution, or something. I know, I'm being a loser. But I'm just so pumped that everything has worked out so far. Now, it's time to go shopping. I found a cute black hooded Mossimo sweatshirt at Target today, and I need some shoes and jammy pants. I think tomorrow I'm going to spend all my money. Heh.

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August 07, 2001

Family beach outing

I went to the beach today. I met my family there right after work. We did bbq, and then went swimming!I love the water... the waves were really high, so my sister and I kept diving into them to see how far we could get. All I have to say is, never attempt this unless you have a really secure bathing suit, maybe a conservatively-cut athletic one. Because I think we flashed some beach-goers today. Not on purpose, though. That's the story I'm stickin' to, anyway. Not like it's illegal or anything. Anyway, we had so much fun --I want to go to the beach again. And I will, as soon as I buy a new suit.

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August 05, 2001


Friday I am going to school to register for classes, so that means I'll get to check out my dorm. I hope it isn't teensy-weensy. Maybe I'll even catch my room mate, and ask her why the heck she hasn't bothered to call me or anything. I don't have a good feeling about this girl at all. What's the problem? Why is she being such a dork about this? I wish I had her number, so that I could call her, but I don't. But she has mine, and I haven't gotten any word yet.

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August 01, 2001

Should I? Could I? Would I?

More and more often, I find myself asking, what the heck am I doing? This whole college-and-career thing are making me wonder whether I'm living up to my potential, and if I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing. I mean, remember back in Sunday school when you heard the Bible story where all the apostles are like, "Wow, look at how awesome the temple is." And Jesus is like, "That doesn't matter, because someday this building will be torn down and not a stone will be left on top of the other." Well, I don't want to put all of my time and effort into something that will someday be a pile of dust on the ground. Not that I'm going into construction, or anything. I just don't want to waste my life on temporary things. And all the things I've been interested in doing thus far are temporary. How meaningless it that? I'm still trying to figure this all out. I wish I knew.

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