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Sunday January 27, 2002

Wooo break!

I am excited. There's talk of Windsor in the air. Only two weeks into the new semester, and we're already planning a vacation. I don't think it'll be spring break. Maybe we'll take off after finals, which are only a short 13 weeks away. I'm ready to go somewhere. I've never been to Windsor, I heard it's fun. Boys. Gambling. Gambling and boys. I think I could use some of that. See, this is what college is doing to me. I'm turning into all of my friends.

I've been reading Night by Elie Wiesel. I don't want to say that it's sobering, because I don't think it would do any justice. I keep seeing images in my head of little Jewish babies being thrown into furnaces; people digging their own graves and being shot in the back. It's one of those things that stays in your head, even when you've stopped reading. And you might be taking a shower or watching a movie or driving to work, and suddenly the little Jewish babies pop into your head again. It makes me feel guilty for being excited about boys and gambling. I'm going to finish it tomorrow. I'm glad I'm reading it.