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Thursday December 30, 2004

Another day on the slopes

After spending three full days physically incapacitated the last time I ventured out on skis, you would think I would never dare hit the slopes again. My old roomie, who had the privelage last week of watching my ass thrice make contact with the cold, snowy trail, was certain that all the demons in hell would snow ski before I would. But alas, she was wrong. Everyone was wrong. Look:

Drina on skis

How could I stay away from the slopes when I look so gosh darn cute on skis? I think I'm ready for Aspen. That picture was taken right after I conquered the bunny hill without falling a single time. Actually, I conquered it twice. Watching the three-year olds glide effortlessly to the bottom gave me the inspiration to finally face that bunny hill and show it who's boss. Yeah, that bunny hill is mine.

Next time I'm going to conquer the intermediate slopes too... the ones the eight-year olds do. And someday, I promise you, I'll make it through the adult courses without falling. And I'll look really cute while doing it. Just watch me. Yeah.


"Yeah, that bunny hill is mine." that made me laugh, hehe.

I have never tried skiing, cross-country or downhill. In fact, I'm pretty sure if I ever DID try it, no one would ever hear about it because I would be dead!

It sounds like fun though, despite the pain I'm sure it causes, hehe.

kc on December 31, 2004 02:26 AM