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Friday November 05, 2004

Ramen has me pegged

This results of this quiz were kind of scary. Strangers shouldn't know me this well. At least, not after only 10 measly questions.

You are Chicken Ramen!

You are Chicken Ramen! Though you have friends, and are sociable, you see people around you that are always better than you in one area or another. Though mostly happy, it sometimes causes you to be resentful of them and the world for not giving you one thing that you're really good at. Being somewhat overambitious, you often focus more on your school work and get good grades, and strive to be the best. You have a great work ethic, however. Keep looking, and don't get discouraged!

What Flavor of Ramen Noodles are you?
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Elizabeth Edwards, we wish you well!


oh god!

there's nothing left to make a quiz! heheheheh

raddy on November 5, 2004 09:12 PM