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Monday December 22, 2003

Some newness was in order

If you've visited my web site before, it may be wise to refresh your screen. The new layout is up, just in time for the holidays. Actually, I didn't change this around for Christmas... even though I tinkered with the design of the last layout, some visitors were still having problems with long upload times. The dial-ups were okay, but the DSL & networks were the troublemakers. It defies explanation.

Right now it's 2:30 in the morning, and for whatever reason, I can't sleep. I think I'm worries about all of the shopping I have yet to do. There are 18 people on my shopping list, and only one is crossed off. My grandma is getting a new George Foreman grill (hey, she wanted it) but I'm at a loss trying to find gifts for the other 15.

My head is starting to throb. That can't be good. I might take a couple Alleve (a.k.a. crack in a bottle) and read a little. I'm working on a book called The Moral Animal, which has been sitting neglected on my nightstand for about a month now. But I know I should also get my rest... it's a big shopping day tomorrow. Seriously, Jewish people have the right idea --focus on the significance of the holiday, and leave the glitzy hoopla to the idiots.


I love the new layout. Very pretty. :)

Diena on December 22, 2003 09:23 AM

Thanks Diena!

Drina on December 22, 2003 12:57 PM

Yes,lovely new layout!

Hope you get the Christmas shopping done OK.

They said on our local news yesterday that Christmas shopping was expected to hit fever pitch in Leeds yesterday(Sunday)

I can assure you I did not need any further encouragement to stay home do the chores then spend the afternoon watching Jonathan again in "The Year That Trembled".Seemed like a good alternative to me.

Hope your headache's gone by now.

John Hutchinson

John Hutchinson on December 22, 2003 02:45 PM

Oh wow, Drina! I think this is my favourite of your layouts so far! It's just so beautiful!

Courtney on December 22, 2003 03:03 PM

ohhh this is so beautiful!!!! Way to are so creative!!!!

Your old roomie on December 22, 2003 03:21 PM

Steph, what did I tell you? I had you in mind when I designed this new layout! Isn't Cleveland weather beautiful???

Drina on December 22, 2003 06:39 PM

oh gosh, i love this new layout. you do such nice stuff. :) love the pink.

michelle on December 22, 2003 07:35 PM

This is beautiful :)

Sarah on December 23, 2003 05:18 PM

I'm loving the new layout, its very pretty. A nice change too, this version has to be my favorite of your layouts to date :D

Xee on December 30, 2003 01:15 PM