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Saturday March 15, 2003

Dresses still suck

Ok, so trying on the dress wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I didn't have to get measured or anything, I just told them my size and they brought the dress around. At first I freaked out because the one they brought was a strappy sleeveless number, even though Missy told me they would have short sleeves. When I asked them about it, they brought another dress (with sleeves) and told me I could choose which one I wanted. Guess which one I picked.

I still have to find shoes, though, which can be a struggle in itself. I have to get them dyed to match the dress, which will probably cost me some. I don't like heels either. Give me Sketchers, give me boots, give me anything except strappy heeled shoes. I know, I'm being a brat again. It's my nature. Hopefully, none of my other friends will be getting married any time soon, so that I can take a breather in between bridesmaid dresses. I really hate those things. But I'll do it for friends. (And now they owe me! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

Spring break is over. Boo. And Raddy has a new layout.