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Friday March 14, 2003

Terror is a bridesmaid's dress

Everyone always told me as a kid that in order to overcome my fears, I'd have to face them head-on. Well, today I'm facing one of my biggest fears. I'm going to look that fear straight in the eye, and stare it down. I'm trying on bridesmaid's dresses today at David's Bridal.


I've done this once already, when my bro got married. I was in the wedding, and the dresses weren't half bad, but they were DRESSES (take note, those of you who don't know me well, I'm not a fancy dress kinda girl. Give me jeans and a black t-shirt and I'll be happy).

I just... don't wanna!

I keep telling myself, It's for Missy, she's been your friend since you were six years old, do it for her! But all I can think about is having to climb into some frilly number that I'll look ridiculous in. And the dresses are going to be misty haze... What color is THAT? Yeesh.

I'll tell you how it goes.