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Sunday January 12, 2003

This really is the Twilight zone

I feel like I'm in this weird academic twilight zone. I moved back to school today, and I can't believe I have class tomorrow morning. Break is over. It's cool seeing my friends, though ('cept Erin is not here anymore). Andrea moved into Erin's old room. I'm glad it's someone I know (and not a new person moving in) but I miss Erin already. I got here around five, and my bro put in my cd burner. I spend half an hour cleaning the dust bunnies that have accumulated over the last month, then went out with my roomie. But it's 11:00, and I can't believe it's almost time to go to bed. This sucks. I have more early classes, more papers to do, more exams, more everything. It's not even the first full day and I'm already dreaming of spring break. Spoiled, I am. This is what having a nice, long winter break (sans part-time job) does to a chick... I can't wait until the weekend. Nice, long weekend. Love it.