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Saturday January 11, 2003

Moving back, a mixed bag

Tomorrow I move back to school. This beautiful daydream called winter break is over, and now it's time to face early morning psychology research and late night study sessions.

Things I look forward to:

+ Hip hop line dancing in the first floor hallway
+ Late night drawing sessions at Kleist
+ Having Angie come over and hang out
+ High speed network internet access
+ Getting a break from my parents
+ Having a pre-paid card for eveything
+ The annual student art exhibit in April

Things I don't look forward to:

+ Research methods II
+ Studying until 3 am, waking up at 6:45
+ Sensation and Perception research paper
+ Eating in the dining hall (especially on Thursdays)
+ Working all day Saturday in the imaging lab
+ Taking the GRE (graduate boards)
+ Not having Erin living across from me anymore

I don't think I'm ready yet to go back, but I figure this semester couldn't possibly be as evil as the last one. At least, I'm hoping it won't be. But with my luck, I'll be ready to quit school after the first week. In any case, I'm lucky to be getting an education, in spite of the evil work load. Sixteen more weeks...