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Tuesday January 07, 2003

Our evolving home

I woke up this morning to the sounds of electric screwdrivers and the smell of an unknown substance being toasted by a blowtorch. My dad is putting in a new bathroom in the basement, and as usual is making quite a mess.

I think my dad is bored since he doesn't work outside the house anymore. He's looking for all kinds of projects and improvements for our house. Another year and the whole thing will probably be renovated. But of course, things will look worse before they get better. That's just the nature of my pop's work.

My mom remarked that it will be like having an apartment --there's already a kitchen, bedroom, living room, and a punching bag. Gotta have a punching bag. I hope my dad finishes it soon, though, because I hate the smell of various substances burning. The wall has several black spots down there now, all from his fire-happy activities. E, what the hell, I'm leaving for school on Sunday.