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Monday January 06, 2003

More shorts.


+ The Browns game was a bust
+ My sister has B positive blood
+ No one else in the family does
+ Work that one out
+ I'm still painting the still life
+ Hung out at Mark & Missy's apartment
+ They have three cats
+ Missy has a pretty wedding dress
+ Lou wore a dress yesterday
+ Not Missy's though
+ My dad wants computer classes
+ Klara gave me a chance to do her homework
+ She's an idiot
+ I go back to school in six days
+ Sonafide has another hostee, Xee
+ Simon & Garfunkel is in my head
+ I'm dying my hair blonde
+ Someone gave me $20 for helping with his website
+ Yay
+ Klara is sulking because she's unemployed
+ I'm enjoying unemployment
+ The Steelers suck