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Thursday October 31, 2002

The Lang Gang

The Lang Gang lunch ladies are a riot. Today, they transformed the cafeteria into a haunted house where they served up brains and eyeballs and soup that looked suspiciously like week-old blood. They get a kick out of this every year. This Hallowen I'll be working at the computer lab from 6-9, so I'll miss most of the spooky festivities. I think there will be ghost stories at 10 though. Supposedly my hall is haunted by the ghost of the woman for whom it is named. My roomie has some stories to tell from her freshman year. She was living with three other girls in a quad, which had magic ants crawling everywhere, but only they could see them. As soon as someone else came into the room, they'd disappear. And when the entire hall's lights would go out, only their room would stay lit. I don't believe in ghosts, so I don't think it's so freaky, but it's fun watching everyone get so scared. Happy Halloween.