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Tuesday October 29, 2002

Where's the Aleve? Come on...

The front of my head feels like it is pulsating more than the facade of San Carlo Alle Quatro church... yeah I just took my western art exam, which I believe I failed miserably. I'm so art history stupid it's incredible. I didn't have any time to study, with my research methods intro due at 8:25 this morning. I feel like so much more is expected of me than I can keep up with. Falling behind on everything... it's not a nice feeling. Now I have a 10-15 paper due for the professor whose test I just failed. I can't do ten pages. I can't even do ten paragraphs. This is not my subject. Why I'm here I don't know. This is not self-doubt; this is my recognition of what I can not do. And I can't.

I'd say again how much I hate doing this crap, but it's the same old story. When will I ever figure out what the hell I'm supposed to be doing with my life, I don't know. I hope it's soon. Tomorrow would be nice.

I hate school.