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Thursday October 03, 2002

These annoying neighbors of mine

What a curse to have neighbors you can't stand. The people upstairs (right above our room) are being uber noisy, as usual. I don't know what they do up there. Some nights it sounds like line dancing. Every night it's something.

The food drive isn't going well. Even though my hallway is the most frequented of all in the dorm, nobody has put any donations in the paper grocery bag I left outside my door for the monthly church food drive. The only thing in there is a box of cereal that my roomie left, and some canned vegetables that Sarah gave me from Nanna's pantry. Nothing else. It kinda sucks, because I made a big colorful sign and everything, but the only thing people have to eat around here is Easy Mac, and I don't think they want to part with it.

I'll probably hit the supermarket and pick some stuff up. I only have $12 in my pocket, but I figure that I'll be broke whether I donate my cash or not, so I might as well do something good with my resources. Berea Welfare will probably appreciate it. I would.