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Tuesday October 01, 2002

My skin is raw

I have three huge blisters on my right hand and my hair is full of white paint. I worked. I finished sanding and painting the gallery walls about a half hour ago. I think I did a really good job --the blisters on my hand should prove it. I'm very tired, and very sleepy. I was up until 4 am this morning, and slept for two hours before getting up to study some more for my methods test. I was studying when my roomie went to sleep, and I was studying when she woke up in the morning. I got to class at 8 am and studied for twenty five more minutes. My proffessor gave us four essays, one of which I did not finish writing when time ran out at 9:30. This semester has been horrible for me thus far, at least as far as my classes go. I'm only doing well in one class. I'm ready to graduate already.