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Wednesday March 27, 2002

These are a few of my favorite things

One of the greatest joys in life: crossing off items on to-do lists. I crossed off one today, and before the day is over I hope to cross off six or seven more of my list of ten. I finished my imaging tabloid. That was one. Today, I have to call Maggie, return some items to various people/places, start my drawing project, find some things for my color theory class, finish reading Fury, do laundry, and take pictures for the Cleveland postcards project.

I had a chat with my friend last night. We were up late, and got onto the topic of friendship. I've had a lot of friends come and go (Ingrid, Christy, Erin, Eric, Monica, Mike, Yasmeen, other people...) but I've decided that the possibility of not keeping in touch with someone in the future isn't a sufficient reason for not getting attached to people now. Although I want to stay friends with people after school is done, after I move, etc., I want to be friends now even if I never see them again. Friends make life livable. I like my friends.