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Tuesday February 26, 2002

Read my lips

I'm trying to avoid doing my taxes. I'm doing everything possible to delay getting my nose into those stupid forms and evil little booklets. I'm taking shopping trips to Target I don't really need. I bought some Herbal Essances body wash (guys not included) and a loofah sponge. Exciting. I sat at the lunch table for an hour with Steph and Amy, and worked on a story problem with Jen for a good 25 minutes, even though I don't think she really needed it. And my stupid self couldn't figure it out until I went online and looked up triangular numbers.

I'm going to go paint some, those stupid graded charts for color theory that I was supposed to have finished about three weeks ago. I'll even start studying for SPSS, even though the exam isn't until Thursday night. I hate doing my taxes, and I will procrastinate. It's what I do best. I deserve a medal.