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Friday February 22, 2002

Michelle was robbed!

I am not a happy camper. I know, I know, ice skating is stupid and it doesn't matter worth a dime, but I'm really upset by this. The wrong person is on that medal stand. I just wish Michelle was up there, up top. Why the heck does everyone I like get screwed like that? Why does everyone I don't like get to win? I mean, I don't have anything against Sarah Hughes, but I just feel bad that half a second gave a lesser skater a greater reward.

I can't even imagine how hard it must be to know you're the world's best, but you'll never have the prize you dreamed about as a kid, the one you worked for your whole life. And the damn thing was so close --it was right there, and you can't have it. Ever. Because someone else was having a good day, and took advantage of the slightest little slip you had. And then you have to smile and look pretty, shake hands and talk to the media, tell them how grateful you are for having the opportunity to be there... And then you get to go home, and listen to everyone tell you how wonderful you are, and how they would give you the gold medal if they could. And for the rest of your life, people will tell you they're sorry, and you'll think about getting so damn close.

I can see it. I feel for her. When she thinks about the Olympics, I bet she'll get that uneasy feeling in her stomach. What a long way to go, only to see your life's work go to someone else. Damn.