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Tuesday November 02, 2004

Election day shame and honor

I voted today, and I felt honored to do so. I drove my parents down to the local mall-turned-polling place and cast my ballot. A few voting stations were open when we got there, so we didn't have to wait in line. I took my time, making sure to punch through the card and leave no hanging chads (ugh), and handed in my ballot to a little grey-haired lady who gave me my sticker.

My voting sticker

After coming home, my friend Sarah called to tell me that some people from her workplace were accosted at the polls by election challengers. It looks like the crime they committed was the infamous VWB - Voting While Black. It's nothing less than a dirty shame that a group would engage in such deplorable racial profiling in order to suppress votes. I'm so ashamed of Ohio.

Although I feel very strongly about this election, which ever way the voters swing I'll still know that my life is not in the hands of George Bush or John Kerry. If Kerry wins, I'll be pleased that my volunteer efforts paid off. If he doesn't, I will be consoled by the fact that Bush will have to face four years of accountability and clean up his own mess. If God can raise people from the dead, he can help keep Bush from creating a bigger disaster.

Daily gratitude: knowing God can work through even the most horrible of elected leaders.


How did I know that the reason the GOP in Ohio wanted challengers was so they could be nasty to blacks and people who would likely vote for Kerry. Jerks...

jen on November 2, 2004 07:09 PM

I hadn't twigged that you were in Ohio. Shame on me.

Well done for voting, i'm sitting up watching it!


Steve on November 2, 2004 07:59 PM

so from a Canadian who seems to realize that the American election is more important than the Canadian one that happened earlier this year, I thank you for exercising your right to vote, and making us proud. I hope Kerry pulls this one out.

Shannon on November 3, 2004 07:40 AM

Turns out we (unwisely, in my humble opinion) chose Bush, at least if we assume that all votes were counted fairly and accurately. I'm not so sure that happened, but nonetheless it's not something we can dwell on. All we can really hope for is that Bush starts being honest, and that whoever wins in 2008 will have enough resolve to heal the wounds Bush has inflicted. We'll see in time.

Drina on November 3, 2004 11:40 AM