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Monday September 15, 2003

Kids, it's time to play the Michael Jackson game!

So yesterday I was procrastinating as usual, and decided to waste my time fooling around on Photoshop. Instead of finishing my work, I came up with a new game. It's called, What would you look like if you were a Jackson? It's an easy game, fun for the whole family! Send in your pics, and I'll post them in a new entry.


i like this a lot. i might give it a try too : )

coqui on September 15, 2003 06:10 PM

Hahahaha! Brilliant. Poor Michael Jackson.

Christia on September 16, 2003 03:41 PM

you look soooo scary!!!!!!!

Your old roomie on September 16, 2003 03:47 PM

that's scary drina....

michelle on September 16, 2003 11:22 PM

*ahem* you actually don't look that bad. i'm almost scared to send you my pic. ;o

sar on September 20, 2003 05:14 AM