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Monday July 28, 2003

My little addiction (besides caffeine)

Betcha never though I had a green thumb, huh? Well, guess what... I do. Er, sort of. Lately I've been finding myself surrounded by bags of potting soil, plant food, and bonsai pots. Yes, that's right... bonsai. The addiction started when my family took the hint-bombs I dropped and bought me one for Christmas. Now, I can't walk out of a nursery without getting a new shrub to train for my cute little pots. Oh, this addiction... I need to stop.


Green thumb did you say??? Tell us...what happened to the first bonsai "Cedric" you had? lol

Your old roomie on July 28, 2003 11:51 PM

I got a peace lily and an aloe vera plant for my birthday and I've become plant-obsessed since then too! Even if you had no previous interest in plants, as soon as you get one it really does slowly turn into an obsession.

sabrina on July 29, 2003 12:04 AM

i think having a green thumb is awesome!!

coqui on July 29, 2003 12:34 AM

A green thumb. I sure would like one of those. I could keep it wrapped up, and people could pay to see it.

I feel inspired.

dave on July 29, 2003 06:54 PM

Steph, Cedric died because of my negligence, not my lack of planting skills. Phooey.

Drina on July 29, 2003 11:26 PM

Oh my god!
Now you should marry.
ehehehh joking!

raddy on July 31, 2003 01:45 PM

My mother can't keep a bonsai alive:)

Rachel on August 4, 2003 09:39 AM