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Wednesday June 25, 2003

The horror, the horror!

Bathing suit shopping. Yeah. My mom and I went to the mall today, probably the first time since she's been shopping in a long time. In a couple of weeks she and my dad are headed for some fun in the sun down in Clearwater, Florida. The only problem is that she currently lacks an essential item that no beachgoer could do without --the dreaded bathing suit.

We stopped at my mom's favorite store where we headed straight for the bikini n' mumu section. We looked around, looked around some more, checked the same rack a few dozen times... the sales chick was way too busy helping out the less fully-figured girls to pay attention to me and my plus-sized mom. Let me tell you of the joys of having an un-supermodel behind.

After making our rounds (and then some) my mom found a nice black number with white stripes down the sides. Considering her poor track record with such items of clothing, I was surprised to see her go for something classy yet hot. Go mom. Anyway, we made our way to the cash register, and after waiting five minutes for Debbie (the sales chick) to actually look in our direction, we finally got our transaction going.

Too bad the bathing suit was $120 bucks. They should have had that written somewhere on the darn thing, because it would have saved us the time we spent waiting for Debbie. My mom returned the suit, and we left without any swimming attire. I hate bathing suit shopping. Let me repeat that, just in case I didn't make myself clear enough: I HATE BATHING SUIT SHOPPING. Enough said.


aww, I don't mind bathing suit shopping it really depends on who I'm with at the time, and what kind of mood I'm in. I remeber last year I bought a two-piece but you had to buy the shawl, top, and bottoms sepratly so it ended up being about 150$ @_@ eeks. Speaking of bathing suits.. I need a new one if I'm doing lane swimming this summer with my sis o_o;

Xee on June 25, 2003 10:07 PM

On thing I don't get about the bathing suit is that it is made up of hardly any faberic at all, especially the two piece, and yet it costs an outragous price. Sometimes it is good to be a man. $12.00 pair of swimming trunks and it's off to the beach. Although me in a pair of swimming trunks is not a fun site... :S

Pressed on June 25, 2003 11:11 PM

I smell a law suit...not a bathing suit.

Seriously I feel your pain...the freshman 15 that turned into more like the freshman, sophomore, junior, senior 20 is not coming off as easily as I had hoped...

That might explain my new summer schedule...bed at 4AM and up at 2PM...less hours of daylight....haha. ;) - A

alicia on June 26, 2003 12:51 AM

bathing suit shopping is evil. almost as evil as bra shopping. no, scratch that. it's worse than bra shopping.

Courtney on June 27, 2003 10:06 AM

Haha let me say this: If you didn't hate it, you wouldn't be an average woman. I agree to how depressing it can be. 120 bucks! What a crime!!!

Christia on June 27, 2003 07:07 PM

What a crime! They charge so much to construct a pair of public underware that people feel good in. Public underware! No wonder we feel so akward!

Christia on June 27, 2003 07:13 PM

Try it's basically an old lady catalog but the sizes are big, the prices are reasonable and they've got a nice selection of high coverage suits including skirted swimsuits, tankinis and boy leg suits. Not sure how big your plus size mom is but they go up to about 26W and most of the suits are on sale just now. Hope that helps! :)

Dawn on July 1, 2003 04:56 AM