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Wednesday May 21, 2003

And did I forget to mention

...that I absolutely can not stand AOL. I know, I know, I've whined and complained about this before, but it's really irking me now. At school my computer zoomed (at least while the network was up). Now, I stare at my screen for several minutes just trying to GET online, and uploading a website (even a simple one) requires a frustrating five minute wait. AOL is horrible, and I Hate it (yes, Hate with a capital H).

One thing is going well right now, though. My face is no longer covered in solar-powered blush. My sunburn has faded, and has left only a bit of peeling skin behind. Not bad for the first scorching of the year. I can smile now.


You need a DSL line!! -- It's great!:)

Alicia on May 21, 2003 04:41 PM

i can't even remember the last time i used dialup!

man, that sunburn looked painful! i can't imagine how it felt!

theresa on May 21, 2003 04:56 PM

yes. dsl or cable is the way to go. :-P

and good to hear about your sunburn fading to only a second degree burn *grin*

tray on May 22, 2003 12:58 PM

I'm also very glad that your sunburn has faded. It's not good when you can't smile.

Stan on May 24, 2003 02:33 PM