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Friday May 16, 2003

Let's talk rats (no, really).

His name is Fat Bastard (Deborah came up with that one), he weighs 450 grams, and is covered in white fur. He's my favorite rat from the laboratory. He never bites or scratches, and when you pick him up he just chills in your hands. He loves pellets, sucrose, anything you put in front of him. He's the coolest rat ever.

And I am seriously determined to bring him home.

In the lab we usually euthanize retired rats... when we're done with our studies we can't use them anymore, and by that time they're well into their adulthood anyway. Their life in the lab is easy compared to being out in the real world, and it's only humane to put them down after they've outlived their purposes.

I have no trouble euthanizing other rats, especially the biters, but I don't want to euthanize Fat Bastard. I'm spending the weekend trying to convince my dad to let me keep him, but it hasn't gone well thus far. Fat Bastard deserves a nice home for being so awesome. Rat heaven can wait. Wish me luck.


lol. good luck convincing your dad! :D

Courtney on May 17, 2003 08:39 AM