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Monday March 24, 2003

Lab rats get their revenge...

As I've mentioned before in my blog, I work in a laboratory on campus that studies animal learning. We use rats... big, furry white rats. My rats are pretty cool, and I learn from them. But one things I don't like is the pointiness of their claws. Our new rats were supposed to start getting weighed today. They aren't used to being handled by people yet, so they thrash around when you pick them up. I weighed about 32 of them before I gave up, unwilling to sacrifice any more skin for the sake of science.

Hopefully in a few days they will be used to us, and they won't scratch and squeal when I pick them up. I have to weigh them again Friday. I'm bringing band-aids just in case.


yikes. you're a very brave girl : ) i would never grab a rat.

coqui on March 25, 2003 01:14 AM

ouch! your poor hand!!!

val on March 25, 2003 09:33 AM

i like the new layout! i don't think i'd sacrifice ANY skin for the sake of science myself. :D it probably would have taken just one rat to scratch me before i gave up.

rachel on March 25, 2003 05:52 PM

hmm.. that kinda looks like a face :-)

tray on March 29, 2003 03:20 AM