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Saturday March 22, 2003

The best Saturday night: Friends with friends

Saturday night, people are out partying, probably intoxicated. What am I doing? Drinking? Partying? Starting trouble? Yeah right. I'm sitting here with my roomie watching about four-thousand consecutive episodes of Friends, starting with number one. Really, this is my kind of Saturday night. I don't have to look cute (like I ever look cute anyway), and I can lounge in my jammies all night. I love it.

Tomorrow I get to meet the folks who helped me through school by shelling out a few grand. I wonder what these people are like. Are they nice? Are they going to grill me about my grades, trying to figure out how deserving I am? Am I an idiot for being nervous about rubbing elbows with people who could buy and sell me at will? I dunno. It's only a luncheon. I shouldn't worry.


ooh. friends marathon. thats MY kind of FUN! :-D

tray on March 29, 2003 03:21 AM