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Thursday March 20, 2003

Can we war forever?

All of my classmates were totally in outer space today. They stayed up all night watching the news, so they were tired (and worried). Everyone is on edge, and don't know what to think about what is going on. The school has some good things planned, though. Later tonight I'm going to a candle light peace vigil in the auditorium. I think it's so cool that even now, after the bombs have started falling, people haven't lost hope that the war will soon end. It will be really good to see something positive going on. I'm intentionally avoiding watching television, because I just don't want to watch the explosions lighting up Baghdad. I've heard enough stories about the greusome destruction of war from my dad and grandmother, who lived through war in their homelands. I don't need to see it on CNN. I'd rather hang out at prayer vigils... where doing good is the focus.

There is too much hostility in the world. Violence. Hatred. Arrogance. Evil. It's everywhere, even in those who follow the One who condemns it. I guess his words commanding us to love went out a long time ago.

On a better note, Jaclyn has a new layout. I have the best hostees.