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Sunday March 02, 2003

Art really is a necessity

Every now and then when I get wrapped up in my psych work my sanity demands that I spend some time in an artistic environment. Today, while I was working in the computer lab, the senior art majors were busy next door hanging their artwork in the gallery for the 2003 senior show. I popped in an out, helping someone hang her stuff (actually more watching than helping, but it makes me sound a lot nicer when I say that I helped). I really needed to be sucked back in there for a day.

So far the show looks really good, though I'm a little depressed that there is nothing of mine hanging on the walls... I'm not going to be part of this year's show (or any year's show, for that matter) since I'm not an art major. I keep thinking that it would have been so kick ass to have been in there with them. I promised myself, though, that I wouldn't get jealous (at least not a lot). And I'm excited for everyone in this year's exhibit... all of the students who were in art classes with me are graduating this year, and this is their show.

Being in the gallery today gave me back the itch to pull out my dusty box of paints and brushes and get creative again. (I know, that implies I was creative before, but let's just pretend for now, okay?) I have all these ideas festering in my brain... things I want to do. I just wish each day had 48 hours so that I'd have time to flesh them out on paper. But this whole "getting an education" thing is getting in the way. Stupid classes.

I wish I could stay another year and take more art classes, turn my art minor into a major, and be part of the senior shindig. But that would take a significant amount of funds (which neither I nor my family has) so it's not going to happen unless God showers me with $15,000 in the immediate future. Considering the sorry state of the world these days, I'm guessing God has his mind on more important things (I know it's hard to believe, but Drina's art career probably isn't high on the Almighty's list of priorities). So I'm not going to bother Him by asking.

For now I'll just fantasize. And help some other art students hang their stuff. And maybe draw in the little spare time these 24-hour days afford me. I've got the itch, what else can I do?