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Monday January 27, 2003

Three things on my mind

Three things on my mind right now:
+ Lab rats
+ Superbowl
+ War

Let's start off with the first one. Yesterday I went into the lab to feed and weigh the rats. They behaved so well for me--not too much thrashing or squealing when I tried to pick them up. But when I got back to my room, I saw scratches all over my hands --love wounds, as I call them. I hope they don't get infected. Today we started magazine training (teaching them where food will be available). They're so cute.

I've heard some negative remarks about the fact that I work in an animal laboratory. Some people don't believe animals should ever be used for any reason, even if it's to help make more effective therapies for people with psychological disorders (which is the point of the research that I'm now a part of). I have two points to make: 1 - the rats are treated better in the lab than they would be on the street. 2 - if these guys were in your house you'd probably have them exterminated. They have it made in the lab.

Second thing: the dorm had a superbowl party in the lounge last night. It was okay... not too many people showed up. It was mostly me, Theresa, & Steph, with a few people coming and going. I'm glad the Bucs won, because I hate the Raiders (don't ask me why, I just do). I meant to call Erin, since it was the holiest day of the year for her (those sports weirdos have always mystified me), but I forgot. I'm a terrible friend, I know. Yay Bucs.

The third thing on my mind is war. I have blogged about this in the recent past, and since this is MY domain I will blog about it again. Every day I read another news article in the paper or on that leaves me wishing that I live in Sweden. The Suits and Uniforms in Washington have already made up their minds to blow Iraq apart. Why all this pretentious crap? Why do they not just admit it, and go ahead with the inevitable murderous strike? Not done with the PR campaign? I don't know what to think anymore. Not sure what to do anymore, either. Does God still listen to prayers for peace even when the bombs are already in the air, or do they all go up in smoke?

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