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Monday January 20, 2003

2 a.m. clarity? Nah

I don't know what it is about Sunday night insomnia, but I'm feeling especially reflective right now. I can't fall asleep, so I'm listening to you are so beautiful by Joe Cocker, and it's bringing me back to the Sunday I spent watching Rachel Scott's funeral on CNN. That was the song her family chose to play. It's that song, and the impending war, I guess, that is leaving me a little bummed. I should have gone home for the weekend. My roomie left, so I'm here by myself. I don't like being by myself, and I don't like sleeping alone. It's weird --I just need to have someone close by or in the next room. It helps me sleep to listen to someone breathe. But I'm up right now. Staying up late tonight and last night (4:30 a.m. woooooooo) will probably kill me come Tuesday and Wednesday when I have super early (and jam-packed) days in class and at work. I really should go to bed. Hmmmmppphhhhhh.