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Friday January 03, 2003

No, not school! I protest.

I can't believe winter break is almost over already. It seems way too soon to be going back to school. I just finished that hell of a semester, caught up on my sleep, and restored my sanity... now I have to go and ruin my brain all over again?

I don't want to go.

Being at school isn't all bad. My parents aren't there (yay), my friends are there (yay), and the school's network is much faster than the crappy dial-up I have at home (yay). But there are also early classes to attend (fooey), big papers to write (fooey), and dining hall food to keep down (big fooey).

I don't want to go.

But I have to. My parents pay lots of money for this crap, I'll have loans to pay off when I graduate, and for some reason I still believe that having a degree will eventually benefit me in the long run (still an idealist), so I have to go. But I still just want to pout for a while.