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Saturday December 21, 2002


Okay, so I lied. More shopping. Tomorrow I have to hit Target for two more picture frames, then a sketchpad for my best friend's little brother. He's a budding artist, so I want to get him something to encourage his artsiness. That, and a case of beer for my dad. I've been teasing him all week that I bought him beer for Christmas, so I'm going to get some. Then, finally, I'll be done. At least, I think I'll be done. My mom is considering buying a different present for my dad, because he might know our family got him a watch. He found my credit card bill that said WATCHES on it, and this comes just two weeks after he loses his darling watch. I know he knows. So we're debating what to do. Give him the damn thing, or buy him something different for Christmas and give him the watch for his birthday? I don't want to disappoint him (if he's expecting a watch), but I want it to be a surprise. ARRRGHH. I dunno. I'll decide tomorrow.