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Friday December 13, 2002

Feeling like a zombie

This is the day I've been fantasizing about for the last ten weeks: I'm done with finals, the evil semester is over, and now I'm going home for the holidays. Today I woke up at 1:30 in the afternoon, and tomorrow I'll sleep even later. Ha. I plan on spending this break painting, drawing, etc. just making lots of crappy artwork. I have to take my GRE's for grad school (and I have to apply to grad school, yeesh). I have to shop for presents. I have to annoy my sister. I have to prepare for next semester, which may be almost as evil as this one. But best of all I have to take it easy for a while, and make up for all the sleep I've missed. I'm ready for that.

Oh my God it's going to be 2003 in just a couple weeks.