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Tuesday December 03, 2002

The perils of having a roommate

Last night I dreamt that I was dying of hypothermia. My skin was turning blue and I was shivering to stay alive. When I woke up, I was wrapped tightly in my fuzzy blanket, and I was shivering to stay alive. Well, not really to stay alive, but I was shivering. My roomie, God bless her little soul, had turned off the heater because she was hot. Yah. She didn't turn it down a leeeeetle bit, she turned the damn thing off. The temperature in our room changes more often than my mood. Tonight I am going to prepare like I'm heading off to war in Siberia --warm pj's, hoodie, slipper socks, maybe even some of that thermal stuff. I will not die of hypothermia in my dreams this time.