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Monday December 02, 2002

Waiting for the semester to end

Thanksgiving is over, and now I'm back at school. I really needed those five days off to catch up on work (and sleep). I'm now right smack dab in the middle of the end-of-semester frenzy that I've been dreading these last fifteen weeks. I have five exams (four of them finals, two of them cumulative), two papers to finish, and one APA lab to write up. I keep telling myself two more weeks, chick, two more weeks...but I don't think I can maintain my sanity for two more days. Exams suck. Papers suck. Labs suck. I'm ready to win the lottery and do nothing all day long but paint and eat bon-bons.

On a sad note, I finished the last day of work with my rats. They're already five months old (which is pretty ancient in rat time) and they soon will be euthanized. I think I'm actually going to miss those little guys, even though they scratched my hands up with their little claws and tried to escape every five minutes. But, as it is, I must let them go on to rat heaven (is there a rat heaven?) because that's where they belong. Rats.