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Tuesday November 19, 2002

Trial by fire

Trial by fire. That's exactly what these last few months have been... Between the stress of research and work, and the looming presence of grief, I don't know how the heck I'm still sane. I'm sick of going to funerals and writing condolence cards. I'm not good at dealing with emotional things like that. Yesterday, my roommate's grandfather died after a battle with cancer. It seems like everyone's grandparents died in the last few months. First Nanna, then Poppy, now Steph's grandfather. I know she was upset last night, and I wasn't sure exactly what to say, other than to remember what Valerie said in church a few weeks ago about when people die. That day she reflected in her sermon on the brevity of this life and the eternity of the next. I think it was perfect timing. Poppy died the next day, and now Stephanie's grandfather. But even after hearing comforting words, it's incredibly draining. Everyone is drained.