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Thursday November 07, 2002

Making an ass of myself

On Tuesday before I left to go home, I stopped in Dr. V's office to hand in my paper. I told him I wouldn't be in class that night. He asked why, and I told him. And, like an idiot, I start crying... one of those cries that causes you to make funny faces. The kind you get pissed at yourself for because you're in public and you can't even control your breathing pattern. I hate that. We went to his office to discuss my exam, but I made some stupid excuse about having to be somewhere. It was embarrassing, breaking down like that. But I feel bad for him too... I think I kinda ambushed him. I know he wasn't expecting that. Anyways, I'm glad that class is only once a week, and that I don't have to see him until next Tuesday. Dammit I hate crying public.