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Monday November 04, 2002

Going home to see Poppy

I went home yesterday because Sarah told me that Poppy was going into surgery... he's been sick the last few days. We were all sitting in the ICU waiting room when Chris told us of the dream he had a few nights before. He dreamed that Nanna (who died September 8th) showed up in the doorway in a blue dress, and told Poppy she was coming to take him because she didn't want to be alone anymore. Poppy got up and went with her. When he woke up, he told his wife about the dream. A little while later they got the phone call that Poppy was not doing well and was in the hospital.

As soon as he was out of surgery, we went in to see him. He seemed much more frail than he was only a couple of weeks ago, but he was stable. Today Sarah called me and said his kidneys have failed, and there is little the doctors can do for him. He's going to be taken off of the respirator tonight, and will probably not make it more than a few hours. Life is so fleeting... so damn fleeting. I can say, though, that it is only appropriate that Nanna and Poppy go together; they spent their entire lives together. I'm pretty sure Nanna is anxiously awaiting for him this very second. I could only imaging what it must be like, to be on earth one second and heaven the next. I'll have to wait for a while, but Poppy's got only a few hours. He belongs there anyways.